Why/What is Design Build

Design/build is a method of construction where one company handles both the design and construction of a project. The modern method of design build construction contracting stems from the master builders of ancient civilizations. In one person, the master builder, there were three primary divisions of work: the responsibility for design, construction, and complete authority of the project as a whole. In current times, this method not only allows for “one stop shopping” for the client, it also helps to ensure everyone involved is working toward the same common end goal. From the start, the design team is working with the construction team to ensure designs are feasible and stay within budgets. Working together, the team ensures that projects aren’t just “pretty pictures”, but are buildable in reality. The mechanics of how a building is “really” built informs the design process and encourages innovative solutions. Before construction commences, the construction team is intimately familiar with not only a particular project, but also the designer’s overall style, expectations, and has been collaborating on the design solution from the outset of the project. There is no clean break between design and construction as the two sides continue to work together long after the ink has dried on the blue prints. With Custom Dwellings, this process is even further married, literally, as the designer and builder are a husband and wife team.