“$80 Company” or “Whiskey & Guitars”

I like whiskey.  Particularly rye whiskey.  I savor a glass after a long week of work, or sometimes just after a long day.  I don’t drink to get drunk, rather a nice glass of rye is a special treat.  I truly enjoy the flavor and experience of putting a record on, pouring a glass, and enjoying the craftsmanship of the whiskey maker while I listen to some of my favorite musicians at their craft.  However, not all whiskeys are created equal.  There are exceptions to every rule, but in general, I am not a $20 bottle of whiskey kind of guy.  I expect that for $20 I’m getting something with no special flavor that isn’t going to be very smooth.  It may be fine for mixing in a coke at a college party, but I’m long past those days.  Now a $40 bottle, that’s more my speed.  For $40 I expect a drink that goes down smooth with a host of complex flavors.  Something I can really enjoy and afford.  Now those $80 bottles, they aren’t for me.  Sure, they are wonderful when someone shares, but they are out of my comfort level of spending for something I’m going to drink and never see again.  We won’t even talk about the more expensive bottles. 

Whiskey is just one example.  I could make similar statements about my hobby of playing and working on guitars.  You can buy a guitar for $100 or spend tens of thousands, depending on your expectations, wants, needs, and of course, budget.  The more you spend, the better quality you will receive.  When it comes down to it, they are all a block of wood with some strings.  The differences come down to quality of materials used, time spent and quality control on little details for better playability and overall finish level.  I’m no expert on the subject, but I imagine the same goes for those bottles of whiskey.  The higher the price, there is probably better-quality materials being used with more time spent crafting and aging, along with better quality control.

Choosing a designer and/or contractor is no different of an experience.  Sure, all companies provide a similar product or service, in so much as a $20 bottle of whiskey is indeed whiskey and so is an $80 bottle.  The quality and overall experience, however, are completely different.  It would be foolish to expect any “$20 business” to use the same quality of materials, perform the same level of craftsman ship, and have the same quality control as the $80 business.  Here at Custom Dwellings, while I may personally be a $40 whiskey kind of guy, as a company we strive to be the “$80 company”.

– Russell

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