Why design is important and how we charge for it

If you would like your project to run smoothly, meet your needs, turn out as you envisioned, and avoid extra costs and delays, then design is important to you. So why pay for design? First, you actually get a professional design to build from, not a sketch to work toward as a goal. Second, you avoid many “unforeseen” problems and charges with proper planning. Third, you are more likely to wind up with an attractive project that you can admire and adds value to your home, not one that you cringe at when you see and have to learn to live with.

So how do we charge for design? Design services are billed at an hourly rate. As every project is different, we will first provide you with a design proposal agreement outlining how many hours are estimated for the various phases to develop your unique project. We will not exceed the design budget without your prior approval (but will charge less if we don’t use the budgeted hours) .

Optional services: product selection assistance, 3d modeling, variance, historic review,  hoa submissions and hearings.

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