Repeat Clients

Not to brag, but over the years, Custom Dwellings has seen our fair share of compliments, be it a kind review or an industry award. The glowing reviews and referrals are very much appreciated and helpful. Awards are certainly a nice recognition.
However, the biggest compliment we receive must be requests for more work from past clients. We have built a business that relies very heavily on repeat clients and referrals, so it is always nice to have past clients call us back for more work. As we grow as a company and the size, scope, and price of our ‘typical’ projects grow, it is even more humbling to have clients call us back.
It’s not like we are somebody’s favorite pizza that they call in an order for every week and spend $20 on. Six figure projects where we spend months in our client’s home working have become the norm. I may be naïve, but to me, these projects used to seem like they would be once in a lifetime type of investments and we’d probably never hear from those clients again, at least for a large project. That’s why I’m taken aback and so thankful when years later past clients call us to go through the whole process again from design through construction on some other area of their home. Since we are continually trying to improve what we do and how we do it, I’d like to think that the second time around will be an even better experience for repeat clients!

While I certainly believe that clients SHOULD call us back when they are ready for another project, I find myself asking WHY do they call us back. I think past clients say it best for us, with comments like these:
“We left on vacation for 3 weeks while they worked – That was the level of trust.”
“They are experts, creative and each professional is very thorough with the work. They improved the way we live.”
“The overall construction of design meets build and commitment to client satisfaction truly shines in the finished product.”
And perhaps one of my favorites:
“We look forward to the next phase.”

Below are links to some of our “Repeat Client” portfolio projects!

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Nancy Creek Mudroom – Custom Dwellings

Chancery Lane – Custom Dwellings

Terrace Lake Pointe Exteriors – Custom Dwellings

Terrace Lake Pointe Interiors – Custom Dwellings

Burnt Hickory – Custom Dwellings

Windsor Green – Custom Dwellings

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